Lakeland Landscapes

Maintenance Guide

To keep paving looking good, clean with a stiff broom and soapy water. Natural stone is low maintenance and hardwearing paving but NEVER use acid based cleaners on natural stone as it will have a detrimental effect on the product. Ordinary salt should NOT be used on limestone products. Also to much regular use of a pressure washer may dislodge the materials in the joints and ultimately affect the surface of the paving.

We provide a cleaning service which is only needed once a year to keep your driveway or patio in pristine shape. For returning customers we a offer a 25% discount. We provide:

Jointing sand sweep into the paving to maintain the structure.
Dirt and stain removal (ie; beverage, chewing gum, oil, paint, tyre marks, rust, vegetable oil, fat, etc).
Sealing paving can protect against permanent staining and make cleaning your installation easier.
Pressure washing to remove dirt, moss and algae and stubborn stains.

Tip: When we have installed and completed your project, save some of the left over blocks and/or slabs and put them in the garden so that they weather at the same rate as the installation. Should your installation become stained or damaged you will be able to replace the relevant section wiht the weathered blocks.